Sizing & Hipping



During the casting process, straightening is commonly required to remove bends and distortion. Straightening is required to remove any distortion in the castings caused by the quenching process, or other causes for distortion in the process. After the castings have been through the solution anneal cycle, the castings are soft enough to be straightened.

Alphacasting has implemented straightening techniques, which can be used in hot or cold temperatures, depending on the types of metal alloys being used.

Hot straightening is used for steel and exotic alloys such as Cobalt Chrome, Ni-Resist, Titanium

Aluminum castings are either hand straightened or pressed in compression straightening dies, followed by quality control checks in modular fixtures which are calibrated before use and reflect drawing requirements for profile, flatness, circularity and other dimensional requirements.

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Hot Isostatic Pressing


Hot isostatic pressing (HIP) is a compact and modular high-temperature system designed to perform hot isostatic pressing in a gaseous atmosphere, thus enhancing and improving a wide variety of materials.

Machinery used for sizing and hipping

It uses these settings over a given amount of time to improve material properties, under the guidance of computer-controlled vessels to specific parameters, yielding the desired improved properties.

The process

The HIP process can be used to eliminate defects such as enclosed sub-surface voids, porosity and micro shrinkage that may be associated with the investment casting process, as well as layer materials together or even consolidate powders into solid form.

Alphacasting now offers HIP in proud partnership with industry leaders to perform this specialized process on highly critical applications. HIP is overseen by qualified, trusted and experienced experts with skill and precision to ensure top notch customer service and care.


  • Reduces metal loss and improves the casting process
  • Maximizes material usage while improving its properties
  • Improves the internal structure of an investment casting to ensure a more metallurgically sound casting (eliminates minor voids or porosity)
  • Improves mechanical properties including impact strength, ductility and tensile strength
  • Improved reliability and product longevity
  • Cost savings
  • Used for both ferrous and non-ferrous investment casting alloys
  • Used in industries where parts must be able to withstand extremely high pressure

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Industries benefiting from hip & materials


  • Aluminum based alloys
  • Intermetallics
  • Magnetic materials
  • Metal matrix composites
  • Steel castings - low and high alloy
  • Titanium based alloys


  • Aerospace Components
  • Automotive Parts
  • Casting Densification
  • Consumer Products
  • High Speed & Tool Steels
  • Industrial Parts
  • Machine Tools
  • Medical & Dental Implants

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Processus d'application

  • Aerospace
  • Aircraft Components
  • Automotive
  • Biomedical
  • Bullet-proof Materials
  • Casting Parts
  • Defense
  • Electrical & Telecommunications Housings
  • Electronics
  • Engine Components
  • Industrial
  • Knee & Hip Joints
  • Machine Tools
  • Medical Implants
  • Power Generation
  • Structural Aerospace Castings
  • Structural Components
  • Water Industry Cast Impellers & Casings

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