Rapid Prototyping



Alphacasting works with “experts and you” to provide rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and injection molded parts. We provide guidance to ensure parts are designed to deliver optimum performance and efficient assembly.

We provide:

  • Quick answers
  • Consultation for Design
  • Full-Service Support from our Technical Staff
  • High Quality Parts
  • Complete Finishing Services

Worker in front of a computer prototyping a piece

When the metal components are designed, you will get the best prototype with an exact replica of your final part. At Alphacasting, we propose a rapid prototyping service in addition to our in-house tooling facility. It allows companies to convert innovative ideas into outstanding end products efficiently and quickly.

Worker measuring a made piece

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We are committed to delivering the parts you need when you need them.

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Prototype Casting

A prototype is a model that gives design engineers the ability to efficiently test their designs, improve the performance, and build better components.

Our trusted prototyping experts are here to help when it comes to choosing the right prototyping options for your component. Our prototyping capabilities include:

  • Rapid tooling using the part geometry, made manually to diminish cost and lead time
  • Specially formulated proprietary wax that goes into our highly automated investment casting process to provide dimensional accuracy
  • The capacity to prototype using any of our metals
  • Any secondary operation including assembly, heat treating, welding, plating, painting, and more!

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3D designed of a prototype

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