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Department #Ext Job title Day Evening Night
Injection101Wax and soluble pieces injector
102Solubles wax and ceramic cores operator
103Team leader (min. 2 years experience)
104Injection wax and mold cleaner
Wax mounting151Wax mounting operator
152Team leader (min. 1 year experience)
153Autoclave operator
154Runners coating operator
155Gatings extrusion operator
Mouldroom201Coating operator
204Titanium coating operator
205Technical parameters controler
206Team leader (min. 3 years experience)
Knockout, waterblast and cutting401Steel caster
402Aluminum caster
403Titanium caster
404Bronze caster
407Team leader (min. 3 years experience)
Grinding601Grinding operator
602Belt grinding operator
603Grinding team leader (min. 3 years experience)
Sandblast651Sandblast operator
652Sandblast team leader (min. 1 year experience)
Heat treatments701Heat treatment operator
Chemicals milling751Chemical milling operator
PARTS CLEANING AND WELDING 801Part cleaning operator2
802Production welder
803Team leader (min. 2 years experience)
Titanium finishing 851Part cleaner
852Part cleaning team leader
Straightening901Press operator
902Sizing operator
903Team leader (min. 3 years experience)
Visual inspection1001Visual inspector
Machining1201Production machinist
1202Tooling machinist
1203Team leader (min. 5 years experience)
Non destructive testing1301Fpi technician - level 1
1302Fpi technician - level 2
1303Fpi technician - level 3
1304X-ray technician - level 1
1305X-ray technician - level 2
1306X-ray technician - level 3
1311Ndt supervisor
Quality control1401QC technician - level 1
1402QC technician - level 2
1403QC technician - level 3
1404QC technician - spectrometry
1405QC Technician-Mechanical testing
1411QC manager
1412QC supervisor
1413QC coordinator
1414QC clerk
Shipping-receiving1501Shipping-receiving - supervisor
1502Shipping-receiving clerk
1503Truck driver
1504Logistics coordinator
1602Forklift operator
1704Industrial welder (tig/mig)
1705Maintenance manager
2021Sales manager
2022Sales and customer service assistant
2023Sales representative
2031Human ressources manager
2041It technician
2051Production manager
2052Production coordinator
2053Production planner
2054Production supervisor
2071Engineering, r&d manager
2072Metallurgical engineer
2073Metallurgical technician
2074Mechanical engineer
2075Mechanical technician